Frequently Asked Questions

Services provided:

Senior, Swedish, Therapeutic, Reflexology, Chair.

Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki Healing.

We take care of all ages, as well as the disabled, elderly, hospice, and veteran residents.

*Reasonable accommodations and modifications for each session may be available. Please reach out for any questions or concerns.

Benefits of Massage

Alleviate: Pain due to muscles, joints, ligaments that are: tight, atrophied, injured, tired and/or overused muscles.

Improve: recovery from injury (work, vehicle accident, etc.) immunity range of motion, tissue regeneration, joint flexibility. blood & lymph circulation, concentration & productivity.

Strengthen: weak, tight, or atrophied muscles, the feeling of well being, emotional growth.

Reduce: chronic pain, muscle deterioration, swelling, post-surgery adhesions & swelling. spasms and cramping. scar tissue & stretch marks. Anxiety and depression, mental stress while inducing mental relaxation.

What is each session like?

Each massage is personalized using techniques and pressure appropriate to your needs and preferences, so that your body, mind, and spirit can ease into a place of relaxation.

Your massage will include various types of bodywork varying based on what your goals are for a given area. Each massage is unique to your needs and will vary from person to person and session to session.

After your massage, we will take a few moments to go over self-care options and schedule your next appointment.

What is Senior Massage?

Senior massage aims at improving specific aging health conditions, such as stiff muscles, limited mobility and chronic pain.

As mature skin contains less moisture and is more susceptible to bruising and tearing, Senior massage therapists use soothing, gentle strokes and mild stretching instead of standard massage pressure.

I take a senior’s health contraindications into consideration and use special techniques suitable for each client. For example, people with painful arthritis or spinal problems require special attention during massage treatments. Therapists may assist older clients with undressing and dressing, adjust the height of the massage table for easy on-off access, or adapt massage methods for clients who are confined to a wheelchair or bed, or who are at the end of life.

What is Mobile Massage?

An in-home massage therapy prevents the stress of having to commute or drive to a spa or clinic. Instead of having to spend a parking fee, get stuck in traffic, or ruin your positive post-massage vibes, schedule your appointment with me to have your needed massage therapy performed in the comfort of your home or office.

I will come to your space to with professional massage equipment that is completely portable. I will arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up my supplies and equipment. You only need to provide sheets to set up shop, and an accommodating space for relaxing experience. 

When you get a massage in your place, you don’t need to trim your relaxation time. Unlike when you leave the spa or clinic after a massage, you are also leaving and wasting many of its benefits.

Mobile Chair/Table Massage Services

Many events can incorporate mobile massage services such as: shows, bridal/birthday/spa parties, well programs, employee appreciation and corporate events. Instead of waiting in a queue of 15 clients in a clinic or spa, you can have one or more dedicated massage therapists to come at your desired place.

Please contact me for information or a free quote on large, medium and small events or corporate events.